Delete My Posts

Bulk delete all your old Facebook posts, comments, photos, videos and more in one click

👋 Choose what to delete

Delete posts on Facebook all at once from any category you choose.

Quickly remove every post from all years or a specific year or month.

Mass delete all Facebook posts from any of these multiple categories:

  • Posts
  • Photos (pictures), videos & albums
  • Comments
  • Likes and reactions
  • Photos you're tagged in
  • Posts and comments you're tagged in
  • Your posts on others' timeline
  • Others' posts on your timeline
  • Pages, Page likes and interests
  • Your stories
  • Posts from other apps
  • Group posts and comments
  • Group reactions
  • Your event responses
  • Marketplace listings
  • Marketplace ratings you've given
  • Search history
  • Videos you've watched

Sit back and relax

It can take a while. Just leave it running and it will do the work for you.

👆 Buttons are clicked

It helps with the whole process, clicking the delete buttons for you.

👍 All done

That was quick and easy!

Delete My Posts only works on desktop or laptop computers

Please come back to this website on a desktop or laptop computer to use Delete My Posts.

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Delete My Posts is a free extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
Click the button below to install:

How to install on Microsoft Edge

1. Click the "Add to Edge" button above to go to the Chrome Web Store. Then click "Allow extensions from other stores":

2. Click "Allow" when prompted:

3. Click "Add to Chrome" to install Delete My Posts:

Also available for Firefox and Microsoft Edge

Frequently asked questions

Why are some posts not deleted?
There are some issues on Facebook's end where certain types of posts cannot be deleted, whether manually or using the extension. When these are encountered, the extension just skips over them and moves on.
The extension doesn't seem to be working?